First Post From The Trail

From Adrian: This is Adrian reporting Karrie's adventures via cell communication. What did we do before cell phones? I am no good at reading smoke signals. Here's the latest: Karrie and Fred climbed Mt. Katahdin successfully! They hiked from Chimney Pond campground and from there took the Dudley Trail up to Pamola Peak. Then it was across the Knife's Edge and to the summit! Karrie reported that the weather was beautiful, not a cloud was in the sky. Beginning the AT at the peak, they descended along the Hunt Trail and ended their day at the Katahdin Stream campground where Karrie's Aunt, Vickie was waiting with sustenance. Currently the group is about 56 miles into the 100 mile wilderness and Karrie reports that although its only been a few days, they have shared many great camaraderies. Progress has been slowed slightly due to rain and Karrie developing Achilles tendinitis. Other than that small setback, Karrie feels that she is in better shape than she expected, and hopes to continue hiking after some rest, ice, ibuprofen, and perhaps a change in footwear to ease her injury. Send good thoughts up to Maine for Karrie's Achilles tendinitis to heal quickly and I will post again as soon as I hear more news!

From Karrie, looking back:

I thought that the trail might end right then and there. My heal was stiff, creaky and packed with pain, but we had only gone 50 miles! Our mileage was reasonable. So, were the gods trying to tell me something? This was the very spot where Paris' arrow killed Achilles when he was scaling the walls of Troy. Though my wound would not be fatal, it certainly might mean that I should lighten up on my speed, maybe take a day off, sacrifice a small child...etc. Without health insurance (why thank you USA!), my best friend Adrian (an athletic trainer) and my mom (a retired RN) became trail-savers. In an attempt to "well" myself, my Aunt Vickie picked my father and I up in the middle of the 100-mile--'cheaters' some might say, but I don't care. We quickly left the AT and went to a drug store to find some gel inserts and ibuprofen. Then, since we hadn't the chance to eat there before climbing Katahdin, we gorged ourselves at the "Appalachian Trail Cafe" with some sweet sweet food. The same day, we were back on the trail. I soaked my feet in the streams, elevated my foot by night, nearly overdosed on ibuprofen, and stretched my heel on every mountain I climbed. I also had my dad massage it and told him that Adrian had recommended it, though I don't think she did. Within the month the pain subsided and I no longer winced when removing or replacing my shoe. I recommend that Adrian be promoted to head of all athletic trainers everywhere and be given a pony. I did have one other "injury" on the trail. But that's another story...


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