Zack Visits the Trail

Hello, Friends!

It is I, Zack Ferraro, your merry zephyr. I zip by so quick and all you feel is a quick passing of gas. That is not exactly what I mean. What I really mean is that I am in and out so fast you hardly knew I was there. I don't think that is what I really mean either. Man, this writing for Karrie's blog is hard. NOT AS HARD AS -- the trail! After only two days of what I've come to learn is an easy section, I can hardly move. I think my body was built for this kind of activity, but I've neglected it so much that now that it got a chance to shine, it was like turning on a 50 Amp light with no time to warm up. I blew my filament. Shake me! I'm sure you'll hear something rattle. Anyway, enough whining from me. You didn't come here to read about some slow poke whining his face off. You came to read about the wonderful Karrie! And boy, she has her trail legs on now. We got to the first shelter and she wanted to go for a walk. A WALK! This woman is cut from granite -- nay, diamond. She is so hardcore, she makescompressed buckminsterfullerene nanorods look softer than a down blanket. I joined up with her in the wonderful Hanover, NH and after two days and about 20 miles of hiking, I left her in South Pomfret, VT. Somewhere in the middle, we came across this sweet chair that someone had lugged all the way up the hillside. It had a wonderful view but sitting and relaxing were high on my priority (she asked me not to post this picture, but we can all agree she looks great and she shouldn't remove this picture when she gets to a computer). Up on the hills, some raspberries were coming into their own. They were practically screaming, "Please eat me and spread my seeds all around!" Oh, I ate you all right, Mr. and Mrs. raspberries. After you drink all your water, little tiny bits of fruit are so delicious. I kind of wish I had pictures of them, but I eated them faster than the shutter speed. The second day we (Karrie, Travis, Adam, Tom, Rob and myself) stopped at this deli in West Hartford, VT. It is right off the trail and it is tasty. They tole me that it was the tastiest food they had since they started. It was good, so if you're ever in West Hartford, VT, check it out, it is literally on the trail (even though the trail is road at that point). Then we camped at this barn in South Pomfret, VT called Cloudland Farm. They had good ice-cream and great soda. They let us stay in their barn, and even had a cot for Karrie! I figured since I was chickening out at that point and she still had 1700 more miles to go, she could have the cot (I'm such a nice guy, I know). After a rousing discussion of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness it was bed time, it grew dark and my time w/ Karrie drew to a close. She continues off to Killington, VT where the trail cuts south again. I imagine she'll be in Massachusetts by the beginning of next week, and my little state only takes a couple of days to walk through, especially at her lightning fast speed. If you live in New England, you gotta catch her fast! zoomzoomzoom!

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