Jets, Gila Monsters, and Pizza

I woke up thinking that this might be my last day on trail. Despite having taken 3 days off in Oracle my knee was hurting pretty bad again yesterday. But today it felt fine!

The good fortune continued on throughout the day. We saw fighter jets doing battle simulations over us. They pulled tight spirals down toward the desert floor and just before they hit the ground they blasted off at super high speeds. We saw one fire a flare at the other and we may have even heard a sonic boom as they blazed across the sky. Believe it or not, that wasn't the best part of the day.

WE SAW A GILA MONSTER! Granted it was a relatively small Gila Monster it still looked huge to me. I got close enough to it that it hissed at me before it lumbered off down the trail in the weird way that Gila Monsters do. If you haven't seen this before the video I took of it is worth watching.

To top it all off, our day ended with trail pizza. A 2015 AZT thru hiker that works at Summit Hut tipped us off before we started our hike about a place called Old Time Pizza in Kearny. They will delivers to the trail at the bridge by the Gila River.

We ordered breadsticks, a sausage pizza, a salad, and 3 gallons of water (to help get us through the long dry stretch ahead.)

They said the pizza delivery would take 45 minutes because a track team had just walked in. So we spent that time prepping our water capacity, consolidating our trash, and making a plan for when the driver arrived. Karrie would fill water bottles and I would take the food and put it into plastic ziplock bags so they could take the lunky cardboard boxes back with them.

When the driver arrived everything went as planned, except when I opened the pizza box I paused and just stared at its perfection. I wanted to take one slice and just eat it right there, but instead I piled all 8 slices onto one paper plate, threw all of our garbage in the box and returned it to the driver for her to take back to Kearny. She was surprisingly understanding of our situation and did not rush us along. I tipped her well and she left us with all of our water bottles full and enough food for 4 normal people all of which sat on the dirt road, protected only by the thin paper plates below them.

We sat on our packs and gorged ourselves right then and there on the side of the road. My goodness it was delicious.

When we couldn't eat another bite we packed up what was left and walked a mile of road back into the desert. We set up our tent and happily ate some more.

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