Petrified Forest National Park

On our way from Tucson to Colorado we stopped to visit Petrified Forest National Park. Karrie worked here briefly in 2017 as part of her position with the National Park Service. We started by exploring a now defunct trail through the park enjoying sweeping views of the badlands and occasional piles of petrified wood.

The old route eventually led us to a paved loop trail. This was where Karrie had assisted with building a dry stack retaining wall. We revisited stories from her time here and admired the impressive structure, which was now fully completed.

After finishing the hike we drove around the main road through the park and visited some of the other key sites including News Paper Rock and Agate Bridge. Eventually we made it to the south end of the park, where we hiked the Long Logs Loop. This short trail wound through an area densely covered with huge petrified logs. Each one was impressive in its own way, and the large quantity made it easier to envision the forest that once stood here.


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