Last Words Before the Trail

It’s been a busy week with friends and family shuffling in and out of the house--some spending the night, other just stopping by for a quick visit and a meal. I feel wonderfully full.

After attempting to load my pack from 5th grade once, I quickly discovered that it was too small for my stature (yes, even mine) and too small in capacity. I needed something bigger. Luckily, some family friends, the Daltons, leant me Carolyn’s old pack. We’re talking 30 YEARS OLD! It’s the type of pack you might look at and say, “Man, that chick is hard core,” or at least, “She looks really good for her age.”

A thorough cleaning, a hip belt readjustment, a little duct tape, and the pack was ready to go. It was able to hold everything I hoped to take with room to spare. I’m quickly falling in love with it. We did receive a warning that the pack could disintegrate on us, and apart from duct tape we haven’t another backup plan. What adventure!

Early Thursday morning we packed the van full of our gear, and resupply for one month. My Aunt Vickie, who will be joining us on and off the trail, ran errands and busily broke in her boots. Iva packed food diligently into separate servings creating mountains of GORP, ramen, mac & cheese, and everything you could possibly think to dehydrate. I love Ramen. Let’s just put that out there.

Today (Friday) we left the house at 6:30 in the morning, and now at 1:01 we’re skirting around Boston on 495. We crossed the AT in NY near the Taconic on 84 and stopped at the rest stop to ask about it. Just think: we’ll be back here again in August.

We sleep in Millinocket, ME tonight and hike over Katahdin tomorrow morning. Wish us luck!

Happy Trails, Karrie

Looking back at this post in December 2009:

Rereading over this, one of my earliest posts, makes me giggle. Since coming home I have pulled out that "5th grade backpack" and re-examined it. True, it wouldn't have worked, it is still too small for my torso. However, its capacity is just fine. I could have fit everything I needed on the trail in it comfortably, but I didn't know that then. 50 liters or less didn't seem like enough. I got so sick of GORP. I don't think I can eat another raisin or peanut for as long as I live, but I still love Ramen.

Oh man, look at that pack trowel. *Shakes head* Use a stick!

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