The Makings of Trail Names

I have gained, though have not officially adopted, the trail name "Lost Camera." Yes, it is true. I lost my camera. On the second day too. Perhaps this is a name that "rings true" for me. Why it was just last year around this time, that I lost my camera in Greece. Two friends Travis and Tom called me "Super Girl" once and I hope that sticks instead. Send some good wishes my way. For Fred's trail name, I suggest "Moose Poop." The man gets overly excited when he sees this soft ground deposit on the trail. Its occurrence is fairly common and I'll hear him exclaim "MOOSE POOP!" like a giddy child every time he sees it. You'll find it everywhere up here. After climbing up a mountain for hours--huffing and puffing the whole way up, there it'll be, right smack on the top of the mountain up a steep face that seems nearly impossible to climb. I've found myself thinking, "Moose poop? Really? A moose, all the way up here?" It is impressive. So why not bestow something so impressive upon man so impressive?

Looking back, Jan 2010:

A few days out of the 100-Mile Wilderness, I was named officially. After finding out that I go absolutely nuts for all things astronomy, Travis and Tom racked their brains to find two names that fit together and that were themed after this love of mine. At first they thought of "Ursa Major and Ursa Minor", then they thought "Big Bear and Little Bear." Eventually, after some coaxing from me, they (or perhaps I) settled on Little Dipper and Big Dipper. It was a name that would still have meaning after my dad left the trail, and it had more to do with who I was than "Lost Camera" hopefully ever would. Karrie Kressler = Little Dipper. Forever. Looking back, Jun 2011: I also lost my camera on the Mississippi Trip in fall of the next year: The camera was waterproof, but didn't float.


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