Gateway Arch National Park

In 2018, the St. Louis Gateway Arch had its designation upgraded from National Memorial to National Park. Karrie and I had each visited the arch before we met. For Karrie it was during her canoe trip down the Mississippi River in 2010. For me it was during my first ever cross country road trip in the summer of 2009. My college roommate and I stopped at Cedar Point, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the St. Louis Arch, Beal Street in Memphis, a Rangers Game in Arlington, swimming holes in Austin, Bandelier National Monument near Santa Fe, and the Grand Canyon. We had a blast visiting friends and seeing the sights.

It was a rainy day when we stopped to visit the arch, but we made the best of it. That included a ride to the top to see the views.

#StLouisArch #RoadTrip

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