Excursion to D.C.

Recently, I was bombarded and snatched from the beautiful Shenandoah National Park by an old college friend, Kate Powell. We quickly Taco Bell-ed ourselves and retreated to her house in Falls Church (D.C.). If you're in this area too, I highly reccommend a stay at the Powell residence for several reasons, the most important being: they let you choose from 5 different kinds of ice cream. Kate entertained me all day. Great conversations were had. Exiciting plans were made (hiking the Camino De Santigo). "So You Think You Can Dance?" was watched (for 3+ hours). And my thesbian side enjoyed the First Stage Theater and the play "The Game of Love." Adventures will be made with this woman and me. I guarentee it. I also met up with some other Earlhamites (college people from Earlham) including Joey Battistelli, Neal DeVorsey, Dave Eccard, and Hannah Waston. Joey and I took D.C. by storm! Ok, so we went to 2 museums: The National Museum of the American Indian, and of course, the National Air and Space Museum. I hung out with a scale model of the Mars Rover and all of the other SCIENCE until they kick us out. Also, though scary to admit, I made it into all of these places--past security--with a full bottle of denatured alcohol, my pocket knife, my tent stakes, and 2 lighters. What? I had my pack on me.

We all had dinner and drinks together, and I got a dessert on the house because Joey started to brag about me while I was in the bathroom. Honestly, I have good friends.

For more photos from my mates along the trail: Curse's album:www.photobucket.com/travisschoen

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