Trail Days 2010

As a southbounder, I never made it to Trail Days in 2009. So in the following Spring 2010, I went down to Damascus for my 2009 AT Hiker Reunion. There was an incredible number of familiar trail folk there. Though many of the men had since shave off their hiker-pride beards and looked as familiar as a stranger, we were all back at it in little time. Before, I hadn't known most of their real names, and with this opportunity to reconnect I also exchanged some lasting information. We debriefed, gabbed about the good times, and engaged in much tomfoolery. I even met a southbounder, Zombie (Andrew Lewis), who had been following my register entries when I was hiking and was, honestly, a fan. It was our first time meeting, and it felt like old friends. Cheers to the class of 2009!

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