Democrat, Lincoln, and Bross

July 15 – Picked up food since we had the day off. Drove up to Kite Lake and met up with Ingria and Ama's crews! Went to bed early (in the van...) so we could wake up at 3:30 AM to do a full Moon hike to the top of mountain Democrat where we could watch the sunrise.

July 16 – everyone slept like crap. I warned them sleeping in the van would suck, but everyone was pumped for the height and quickly prepare for departure. Made it to the summit with 15 minutes to spare. The most epic sunrise I've ever seen. It blew my mind. RMYCers were the only people at the peak and there were probably about 25 of us.

After sunrise we proceeded to hike mountains Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross. Amazing. The sites were super impressive. Lincoln was my favorite aside from the sunrise on Democrat. Hiked with Elise and the Tim's. The chaos of my life has made it nearly impossible to hang out with anyone from the crew one on one, so this hike was a nice change of pace.

Went to bed super early and got 13 hours asleep. Much-needed.

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