Mexico Border - Lake Morena

Dear Mom and Dad Kressler,

Today's the beginning! This morning we were taken to the Mexican border by our friend Allison. We whooped and hollered excitedly as we drove past hikers already making their way North. At the border our chatter was relentless!

We met at least 10 hikers today. Everyone was friendly, but exhausted from the heat. We took an afternoon siesta to hide away from the sun and ran to the shade when we could find it.

We chose to hike 20 miles to Lake Morena--a great spot to camp, but a HUGE day for our first day, and we did it. Along the way we saw a man get chased by bees and spook a rattler, we took a small detour, and we ended up hiking into the night. Despite all of that though, we are still incredibly excited to be out here. The views are epic, and the people are characters.

We both miss you a lot! That you for being so supportive of us.

We love you! Karrie (& Jake)

20 miles

#MexicoBorder #PCT

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