Lake Morena - Cibbet's Flat

Dearest Dawn,

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you and Jon and I am honored to stand beside you on your wedding day! Thank you for asking me!

Your news lifted my spirits this morning. Which was great since we arrived at camp completely exhausted the night before. So exhausted, that we didn't have the energy to even cook ourselves a dinner.

Today we started out with a pancake breakfast and a shower at the campground to ease ourselves in. We set our sights on Cibbet's Flats--a more moderate 13 mile trek. On our way, we passed under I-8 and completed our first two stream crossings successfully. The day was hot once again, but we got the chance to enjoy a large flowering meadow and a cold watering hole. We miss you!


Karrie (& Jake)

13 miles

#ClevelandNationalForest #PCT

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