Cibbet's Flat - Pioneer Mail

Dear Heather,

Today was our most enjoyable day yet! After a refreshing swim & rest at Cibbet's Flat last night we were feeling ready for an early start. The first bit of trail we hiked was the section our crew worked on this exact week last year. It looks awesome! I'm proud to say all of our structures held up very well and have kept the trail looking prime.

I was surprised to learn that the trail climbs out of the chapparel and into a forested area only 5 miles from Cibbet's. There was a nice cool breeze and plenty of shade; a welcomed change after the heat we've seen. We passed up the stop at Mt Laguana and took advantage of the great weather. As a result we were able to catch up with a lot of people that started the day before us. They are a lively bunch and we really enjoyed camping with them to tonight. We hope to stay near them and keep the good times rolling through Anza!

Today felt a lot more like I anticipated hiking the PCT to feel like, and it was a huge boost to our spirits. I'm really excited about the next few days & starting to look forward to a delicious Jullian Pie!

Wish you were here!

Jake (& Karrie)

19 miles

#ClevelandNationalForest #PCT

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