Pioneer Mail - Rodriguez Road


Here come the trail names! Though Jake hasn't yet received a name, many-a-hiker are holding tight to their quirky titles. Last night we camped with Stride, Worry Wort (Double Dubs), Mr. Wizard, Weebe, Young Geezer, Clickie, Einstein, Old Spice, Sailor Jerry, Fetus and Beaver Cheeks. It was a fun bunch.

Today we passed our first water caches. Water is starting to get scarce and the heat is only bound to get worse.

At our last water stop on Rodriguez Road we ran into a bunch of hikers. "Like hobos round a waterhole" a lady hiker told us as she passed. She was right! Over 20 smelly hikers stopped to fill up and chat. Among them there were some 2012 PCTers--all hiking southbound to Kick-Off for a mini reunion. I quickly mentioned your name and they went biserk! Bubbles, Unload and many others wanted to know what you're up to and peppered me with questions. I can hardly wait to join your ranks. To Canada!

Keep on Keepin on, Karrie (& Jake)

19 miles

#TrailNames #PCT

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