Rodriguez Rd - San Felipe Hills


Remember when we had that awesome trail magic party at Scissor's Crossing? Well, today the good karma was paid back at that same spot! When we arrived at the road we were greeted by Pinky & Dead Animal who offered us drinks, fresh fruit, & PIE!

As we sat down & started talking I quickly learned that Pinky had stopped at our trail magic party last year & had come back to pay it forward! We had a great time telling stories about last year. She was the girl that passed out temporary tattoos & accepted the "gift" from that passing pick up!

Pinky's trail magic was incredibly fortunate for us. This section is notoriously hot & today it was overcast. We had planned to hitch into Jullian for pie & some down time, but this gift kept us on trail. As a result we were able to hike 18 miles and made it up to the next water cash in the San Felipe hills.

-Jake (& Karrie)

P.S. Our brushwork at Scissor's still looks great!

20 miles

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