San Felipe - Warner Springs


I know it's a couple days early, but this will be late by the time it gets to you anyway. I hope you had a great weekend of celebrating!

Karrie & I celebrated by hiking 18 miles into town. It was rainy & cold, but a welcomed change of pace after all of the desert heat we've been through. About 5 miles before we arrived we walked through a large meadow & right past a heard of cows. They were huge compared to Wendy! We also saw "Eagle Rock," a significant landmark on the trail.

Once in town we picked up our first package & hung out at the hiker friendly community center. They made us burgers, had a small store, & computers for us to use.

Afterward, our friend Stride was kind enough to bring us along to a trail angel's home. Her name was Gidget, & she & her family treated us to an amazing spaghetti dinner as well as showers, laundry, and beds! It was a full day & an appreciated start to a weekend of recovery. We can't wait to see you on the 9th!

Love, Jake & Karrie

18 miles

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