Gidget, Ridin' on E, & Family,

Thank you so much for everything you did for us! Thank you for the rides, for all of the delicious meals, the showers, the laundry, the beds, the laughs, & the stories. We really appreciate how you welcomed us into your home.

Kick off was a blast. The atmosphere was friendly & laid back. We enjoyed catching up with friends we hadn't seen in awhile & meeting a lot of new people. The talks taught us a good deal about what to expect from the trail this year in terms of water, snow, & detours. There were also some great movies (Jake & his trail crew were in the 2011 movie twice!) With all of the meals you made us & all of the food at kick off we may have actually gained weight!

We're headed back to Warner Springs first thing tomorrow & all of the hype from this weekend has us antsy to get hiking.

Thank you again for everything! We had a wonderful time staying with you!

Sincerely, Jake & Karrie

(Zero Day)

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