Warner Springs - Trail Angel Mike's

Dear Jen and Robbie-Poo,

I miss you guys! How is your Spring in Atlanta? Hope everything is working out. Give Chip and Joy a hug from me, Rob!

Jake and I just had everything a dirty hiker could ever want. And now that we're fresh and fed, all we want to do is hit the trail and add a new coat of dirt and sweat.

Our ride back to the trail (by Little Brown) took the scenic route--passing by all of the first trail towns and water stops. We got to relive our first 100 miles in the fast lane. The beginning already feels like a long time ago--even the characters feel different.

We set out from Warner Springs with 4 friends: Buster, Backup, Grit and Stride. Immediately, we found a flat meadow with friendly horses, some rope swings and a good amount of shade. Yep, I missed this.

We climbed to the next Spring to get water and siesta. More folks piled in: Snapper, Chili & Pepper (a father-son crew who had also hiked the AT), Mr. RattleBee (Thomas), Speed Bump, Colors and Power Nap. Party at the water hole!

By that evening, 22 hikers had caught us and we all camped at Trail Angel Mike's house. There wasn't much extra space. Scary to think there are still some 500 hikers even more densely packed just behind us. Maybe I should have gone SOBO? Onward!

Lovelovelove, Karrie & Jake

P.S. I love flowers.

18 miles

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