Trail Angel Mike's - Mile 144

Dear Thomas Family,

Thank you for the kind card & birthday gift! It was very useful on our drive West and helped us start our hike out right.

This morning, Karrie & I knew we were in for another hot day in the desert. But I was excited anyway, because first thing today we crossed our first county line & hiked through a large section of trail that my crew & I worked on last year. Our work is holding up pretty well! Some parts look even better, because wild flowers have sprouted up!

For lunch, we stopped in the shady oasis of Tule Spring. It was a nice break from the heat, but a lot of people were pressing on. Neither of us were too thrilled about the idea of facing the heat, but we followed the crowd, and hiked out anyway.

A common phrase out here is "Hike Your Own Hike," in other words, everyone has a different way of of doing a trip like this. Hike your own way, and you'll have more fun. Karrie & I didn't even make it a mile away from the spring before the heat zapped us & we had to stop to seek shade. We slept for hours, happy to let the crowd pass us.

We didn't get started again until the late afternoon We grabbed some water from a hiker cistern and dropped into Coyote Canyon, another spot where I had worked last year.

We continued to mosey our way through the day and finally caught almost everyone at the last water cash. They all decided to hike even farther, but Karrie and I set our sights on the next campsite. Nestled between large smooth boulders we found some shelter from the wind, a high view and good people. We camped with Chili, Pepper, Kristin, Spice Rack (Brian), Tommy & Castle. Castle was an especially welcomed sight. Both she & Karrie hiked the AT in 2009 & had heard rumors that each other was on the PCT this year. Such a happy surprise!

Love, Jake (& Karrie)

17 miles

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