Mile 144 Campsite - Eagle Spring

Happy Birthday Brother!

I hope you had an awesome day of celebration! I'm jealous that you got to witness Redlands Track winning conference championships again!

We woke up early this morning anxious to see if there was a water cache at Highway 74. Usually thru-hikers will walk a mile down this same road to Paradise Cafe to eat a good meal and get water there. Unfortunately for us it was Tuesday... the only day of the week they're closed. When we arrived at 74 we were pleased to find a small cache of water; enough for us to press on.

Over the course of our hike we have spotted a lot of solid rock climbing routes. Idyllwild is so loaded with cool boulders and rock formations it was really difficult to not drop our packs & start climbing.

The rocks weren't the only change in scenery. Near the end of the day we began seeing less cacti & more pines. The shade & elevation offered a welcomed escape from the desert heat. But with new atmospheres comes new challenges. As we hiked along the ridge the wind soared up the mountain & spontaneously shoved us. We weren't sure if our packs were anchoring us down or acting as sails!

At the end of the day, we set up camp close to some brush to block the wind as best we could. We may be in for a loud night!

Keep on keepin on! Jake & Karrie


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