Onyx Summit, 6 miles

Dear Flint, Sharon and Karl,

Hello family! How are you?? I hope your Summer is shaping up to be a good one. Karl, you're almost out of school for the year, right? Any big plans for your vacation?

Our vacation is spectacular! We just got back on the trail after a small break for a friend's wedding. It was an amazing wedding, and it's also great to be back.

Last night our friend Alex picked us up at the Los Angeles airport and drove us to my car in Redlands. Yep, the Little Blue Kia still lives!!! We spent that night with our friends at the Track House, eating ice cream and watching movies.

This morning we woke up with a lot on our "to-do" list. First, we bought a bunch of groceries. Next, we mailed 4 boxes of resupply food to towns we'll hike through over the next month. Then we packed up all of our belongings, showered, ate a LOT and headed for the hills (all before noon)!

Our friend Ryan was kind enough to drive us back up the mountain to where we left off. On the way we stopped to pick up Karrie's pack & say one last farewell to Alex who works not to far from the trail in Big Bear.

When we got back on the trail it felt better than ever. We were fresh and optimistic, knew our gear worked and we already had some callouses.

We hiked for about 6 miles (+2 miles of getting lost--or "getting confused," as grandpa would say) and made camp. Tomorrow we'll hike around Big Bear city and meet some new folks. I can hardly wait!

Lots of love to you all back home, Karrie & Jake

6 miles

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