A day of reunions


How are you?! How's Steamboat and the gang? Been thinking about you guys a lot recently--especially today, and you'll see why.


Today has been a day of reunions. First, we met up with Mr. Wizard and Dubs--a hiker couple we haven't seen for two weeks. We had passed each other the day before, and did a double take, but moved on. Jake had recent shaved and they didn't recognize him without the beard. We thought they were days ahead if us, and since all men with beards look alike, we didn't recognize them.

It was so great to catch up! We all stopped for dinner on a sandy beach next to a sweet watering hole. Hikers piled into the camp after us, Baro, Jangles, Gipc Girl, Hamburger, and Damsel, a woman with an awesome dog that loved to chase its tail. Such a good group of people!

We were all getting to know each other when the pup stopped spinning long enough for me to get a glimpse of its collar. There it was in red, white and blue--"STEAMBOAT! "We used to live in Steamboat!" Jake said excitedly. Apparently, Damsel aka Dana worked at Backcountry Sports and knew some folks from Rocky Mountain Youth Corps. Well, if she worked there, she's got to know Jess!...and Smilie, Jeff, Natalie, Gooch YOU, Louis, Lathrop, Brett, etc!! I started to rattle off names and we both started jumping around excitedly. Jumping, hugging, jumping. I could hardly believe we knew so many of the same people and that we would met here, of all places, for the first time. :)

I miss you guys. We're going to make sure we stop in the Boat on our way back when the trail is done. Give everyone a hey and a hug from me, and let 'em know I met Dana!!

Miss you and you and you! Karrie

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