Bench Camp - MF Spillway

Hey Chas!

How's life in colorful Colorado? We hope you are still living the dream working outside & climbing a bunch!

Today was a pretty wild day on the PCT. We woke up early to beat the desert heat & were excited to hear of a swimming hole with hot springs in our near future. But four miles into our day we reached a detour sign encouraging hikers to walk around beautiful Deep Creek an it's natural hot baths. This was due to a questionable bridge and a few rock slides. We opted to be rebellious, as most of the thru-hikers are, & didn't take the detour.

We're so glad we didn't! Not only were the views totally worth it, but the trail wasn't even in bad shape.

After crossing a series of tributaries the trail finally sent us down to the creek. There was a small beach scattered with happy hikers, and four hot springs. Shortly after we arrived, a caravan of at least 20 people showed up as part of an Oakland Yoga retreat. They were a lot of fun to talk with & were fascinated by the thru-hiker crowd.

A lot of hiker guidebooks have given these hot springs underwhelming reviews saying that the clothing optional beaches attracted a lot of overweight old men, but we had a blast here! There were a few awkward moments, as one would expect, but mostly just good times.

Once the heat of the day was well passed we decided to press on down the canyon. The great views proceeded us all the way to the Mojave River Forks Spillway where we set up camp for the night. When we arrived with our friends Cheeseburger & GipCGirl we were the only ones there. By the time we set went to sleep there were over 20 hikers camping in the area.

There's talk of more water tomorrow! We could get used to this.

Keep us posted on your happenings! Maybe we'll catch you on our way back East!

Jake & Karrie

19 miles

#SanBernardinoNationalForest #PCT

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