MF Spillway - Silverwood Lake

Dear Men of Mitch's Marina,

Remember me?? Last Summer, I was thru-hiking the New England Scenic Trail and hitched a boat ride to your Marina. You guys gave me treats from your store and hiked me up the next mountain. Your generosity really helped keep me going. And I know it's a little late to say this, but THANK YOU!

This Summer, my boyfriend Jake and I are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Its much longer, and there are plenty of new challenges, but we love it. Today, we hiked past Silverwood Lake and it reminded me of you guys. So, today's postcard goes out to you! :)

This morning, we woke up near the spillway of the MF Reservoir and began an early hike across the desert. We were desperate for some shade and miles, so we set our sights on the far shore of Silverwood Lake. The trail to the lake was flat and easy, but monotonous--winding in and out of the hot hills for miles.

My mouth was spewing with stories of my trip on the New England Trail the whole way. But, there were no free boat rides across this time! Instead, we hiked around. No marina food to gorge ourselves on either. So, like a bunch of hobos our hiking crew hid ourselves in the shade of a small bridge and ordered pizza.

It was a simple day, but one of the best yet. We made camp with Baro, H-Bomb, Jangles, and several others at a horse camp just a mile down the way. I talked about the New England trail so much that day, that now, Jake is interested in hiking it with me again someday.

It's been too long. I hope you are all well!

Keep on Keepin' on, Karrie (& Jake)

18 miles

#SilverwoodLake #PCT

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