Eagle Springs - Tahquitz Valley

Dear PCT,

This past week has been breath-taking, in many ways. Your views are rewarding and romantic. Your trail is well-graded and smooth. You are a beautiful...path.

Let me just start by saying, I want this to work. But recently, I feel like we've been going in different directions.

Yesterday, Jake and I camped on a windy ridge beside a side trail for a spring. We discovered after a long steep hike down the mountain-side, that your "spring" wasn't flowing. The mellow yellow water trough beneath it was littered with juicy bugs. Since we were nearly out of water, we begrudgingly grabbed a litter each. But what am I saying is, it's probably not you, it's me.

Today, we missed the turn off for your next spring and were forced to press on to the one after. Jake volunteered to hike the half mile down. Despite the globs of mistletoe hanging from the trees, I hardly felt like giving you a kiss.

I waited at the top of the ridge as those who had gone into town the day before (many showered, laundered and fed) filed in. Apparently our choice to avoid town the day before didn't reward us with any mileage gain on those that did. My mouth watered and I grimaced as I watched my friend Mr. Rattle bee finish off two of his to-go town sandwiches. Each story topped the next as hikers competed for who had the best day in town. Someone too told us we smelled. We hiked on.

At the end of our very long 13 mile day, we came to Tahquitz Creek. This gave us a the chance to wash off some of our stink and relax. We met up with Stride and made dinner. It lifted my spirits, but I could hardly help but think, "Why PCT? Why?"

I think it's all going to work out, but as the backstreet Boys once said, I just need you to "quit playing games with my heart."

With Love, Dipper & Jake

13 miles

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