Silverwood Lake - Cajon Pass

Hey Phelan!

How's life brother!? Guess what! Karrie & I hiked to Phelan, CA today!

We woke up at a horse camp near Lake Silverwood & knew we had 13 miles to hike before we would be in the town with your name! The area is known to hikers mostly for the McDonalds that is a quarter mile from the trail (it's actually hyped up a lot, there is even a sign for it!) We made it to the McDonald's around 11 totally craving ice cream & fries so we quickly ordered & devoured. It was such a funny scene of heavily madeup folks driving out of LA and a bunch of dirty hikers.

Phelan, CA is also the place where the trail passes under interstate 15. We hiked across thr highway to Best Western where we had a package to pick up and a reservation to make. We spent the rest of the day enjoying the many fine ammenities the town had to offer. Including showers & laundry at the hotel, Subway at the gas station, & ice cream at the Circle K. To top it all off we "watched" a solar eclipse from the hot tub with Stacey and the Indiana Boys. Memories of our time in Phelan, CA will forever be burned into our retinas.

Much love, Jake & Karrie

13 miles

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