Mile 359 - Little Jimmy Springs Campground


How are you? Hope you're having a great Summer in the 'Boat! Jake and I are having a great time on the PCT. The views are SICK! It's smoother and more gradual than the AT--really making use of mountain's contours. There are boat loads of people out here, around 700 at last count and they're all heading North. One of our buddies, Mr. Wizard, actually reminds me a lot of you. Too bad he doesn't have a side of Bacon with him. :)

Today's hike was relaxed. And in stark contrast to the day before when we climbed out of Cajon Pass. Now that we were up on the ridge much of our hike was greeted with jaw-dropping views at the mere cost of a few rolling hills.

The trail isn't the only path that took advantage of the easy scenery, Highway 2, like Skyline Drive in the Shenandoahs, weaved through the ridge line, crossing the PCT over ten times. Luckily for us hikers, everytime it did we got reap the benefits: a restroom, a visitor center, a nice driver, or at the very least, a trash can.

In the morning we passed through a ski resort called "Mountain High." Have you heard of it? The mountain hardly compares to Steamboat in size or coolness factor, but it was fun to hike over in the off-season. It felt like we owned it.

In the afternoon, we climbed Mt. Baden-Powell, name for a BSA giant. It had 42 switchbacks to the top. On the way up Jake's very fun hat grabbed the attention of a hiker passing by. Do we have the makings of a "Jack-y-Bean?"

Uptop, there was no place to camp. So we made our way down the ridge, night-hiking by city lights. We stopped at Little Jimmy Springs to complee our longest mileage day yet at 24 miles. We were utterly exhausted and happy.

Gooch, it's so great out here. And even though the majority of the PCTers have already hiked the AT, the PCT could no way come in second. It's a different hike altogether and definitely worth the look-see. Might I see you out here someday?

Missing you and the rest of the crew, Lots of Love, Karrie

24 miles

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