Little Jimmy Spring - Glenwood BSA Camp

Hey Tony & Brittany!

It was great seeing you guys at the wedding! It's been too long and Karrie really enjoyed meeting you.

Karrie & I slept in this morning since we stayed up late night hiking in the dark. After loading up with water at an excellent spring, we hiked down to highway 2. Today was the beginning of a series of detours. This first reroute was the "endangered species detour," (apparently the trail normally goes through the home of the rare mountain yellow-legged frog,) so we walked 4 miles down the road. You wouldn't think road walking would be very different from trail hiking, but in reality... it sucks. The black pavement is hot, boring, & hard on the feet.

Eventually the detour led us to a campground that was overrun with trailers & equipment. We soon learned that a film crew was using the site to film a gum commercial. The commercial shows someone feeding a bald eagle a piece of gum & then putting a wig on it..? It sounded a bit odd to us. We weren't that interested in the commercial anyway because we were totally distracted by the HUGE spread of food they had set up for lunch. They didn't offer us any though...

Later in the day we made it back onto the trail and set up camp at 400 mile mark. Just 2250 miles to go!

I hope you have good weather this weekend for the block party reunion. We wish we could be there too! Eat some food and think of us! Haha

-Jake & Karrie

18 miles

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