Glenwood BSA Camp - Weather Trailer

Hi Oliver!

It's Karrie Kres and Jake! How are you?! We miss you bud!

Today we spent the whole day walking around a plant called poodle dog bush. It's green, with purple flowers. It's also very pretty. But we can't touch it, because this plant will make us ITCH!! If we touched it we would be scratching everywhere! On our heads, on our arms, and on our toes! The itch can last for weeks.

The plant is all over the trail we're hiking! So, Jake and I decided that we should walk on the road where the plant didn't grow. We were safe! We had a great time and we hiked 22 miles!

We hope that you are having a fun Summer with the tractor and the chickens! Give your mom, dad and Mona a kiss for us. :)


Karrie & Jake

22 miles

#PoodleDogBush #PCT

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