Weather Trailer - KOA in Acton

Hey Elise!

How's life?! I'm guessing your days have been as wild as ours have since leaving RMYC!

Today was a particularly wild day. When we woke up, it was freezing, windy, & oddly dark considering the time. When we opened the tent we were shocked to see white all around. We were literally in the clouds! Our packs were sitting on top of a trailer we camped next to; it was an attempt to keep them away from sprouting poodle dog bush, but instead they were now totally soaked. We packed everything up anyway & began hiking through the fog, hoping it would burn off later in the day.

For hours & hours we hiked down the detour road with limited visibility & limited guidance. We hadn't seen anyone in 36 hours, the trail wasn't well marked, & the fog made it difficult to figure out which way was North. We pressed on frigid but determined. Eventually we hiked through the remains of the old fire station that had burned down in 2009 during a forest fire. The blackened buildings along with the deep fog & strong winds made this place look more ominous than a post-apocalyptic zombie film set. (Did I mention we were alone?! Haha)

After hiking another hour past the burned station we began accepting the fact that the fog wasn't going to burn off. Jake gave in & used a pair of socks as gloves & added an extra layer to stay warm. Today was not his favorite day... Once we finished the detour there was still poodle dog bush to be dodged. Eventually we hiked down the mountain far enough to sink below the clouds, but the winds were still so wild that we were unable to cook the warm lunch we had planned on. Instead we decided to hightail it further down the mountain to a KOA Campground that was known for its hot showers, food shop, & hiker friendly price. Before we arrived Jake's camelback broke & spilled water all over his gear.

Finally we made it to the KOA in the valley & the weather was significantly better. Some of our friends were camped there too! We treated ourselves to a pint of ice cream, candy, dinner, laundry & showers. By the time we went to bed we were so content that we had completely forgotten just how insane our day had been.

It would be so awesome to meet up with you sometime while we're all in California! We'll be sure to keep in touch as we go.

Much love, Jake & Karrie

20 miles


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