Acton KOA - Agua Dulce

Hi Grandma!

Welcome back to Ohio! I hope you had an enjoyable winter in Florida. I heard that the rest of my family had a chance to visit with you; I wish I could have been there!

Karrie & I had a great time on the trail today. We hiked 10 miles to a town called Agua Dulce, which is Spanish for "Sweet Water." On the way in we crossed through Vasquez Rocks. It's a really cool looking rock formation that is featured in a lot of films, including The Flintstones, Power Rangers, & Star Trek. The park was named after a horse riding bandit, who would rob places in Los Angeles & then race out to these rocks to hide out.

Once we made it into town we were directed to a trail angel's house. Hikers often refer to this house as "Hiker Haven," & after a walking through the gate we knew why! The Saufley family who own the property & runs the place, had set up an amazing retreat for any PCT hiker who wanted to stop by. The garage had been transformed into a post office for sending & receiving packages, the yard was covered in canvas tents each filled with cots, near the horse stables were out houses & a rack of bicycles that hikers could ride to & from town, & they even had a trailer home set up where we could grab showers or cook a meal! We had heard this place was an incredible stop along the trail, but had not expected this!

Prior to arriving, Karrie & I were discussing my trail name. While on trail everyone uses an alias, which is traditionally given to you by other hikers. A couple of days ago a hiker named "bow-leg" said that my hat made me look like Jack from Jack & the Beanstalk, & he wanted to name me "Jacky-Bean." I liked it, but I wanted some time to think about it. Now I knew if I didn't decide today before town I would likely have a name forced upon me. I liked that the name had my same initials & it reminded me of how I was named after grandpa Jack, so I decided to keep it!

I met a lot of new people at Hiker Haven & introduced myself by my new trail name. Karrie & I had fun getting to know everyone. I was also fortunate enough to catch a ride to the gear store & grocery store from a generous Hiker Haven volunteer. Without a doubt one of our best days yet!

We can't wait to see you at Kyle & Kelly's wedding this fall! Karrie is really looking forward to meeting you. Have a great summer!

Love, Jake (aka Jack-y-Bean)

10 miles

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