Mile 460 - Just Beyond Casa De Luna


How are you my dearest fisherman? Did you enjoy BRF? I heard you're heading back to the Midwest for a while. Might you be around in October, when Jake and I are sliding back through?

For now, we're about 450 miles into our hike on the PCT. And today, we had a huge FREE feast for Memorial Day, got the chance to relax, and hiked over 17 miles. BAM. That's right.

We started our day early with our sights set on "Casa De Luna," a trail angel house. It was Memorial Day, and while it was sure to be quite the MAD house, Jake and I didn't want to miss out in some burgers and dogs.

Cravings make miles. And so, after a few quick stops for trail magic and water caches, also provided by Casa De Luna, we made it to our hitching highway. It was only 1 o'clock.

We had heard that Casa De Luna is a forever party house. Hikers that come don't necessarily leave easily. But this is no ordinary vortex. Not only are the angels awesome and make you want to stay, but if you actually muster up the motivation to leave, they have been known to hide your pack or your shoes.

So here we were ready to hitch. We turned to each other to have one last group meeting. Are we sure we want to do this? We decided, yes. Yes we do.

On a trail sign next to the road I notice a note, it read: "Your ride will be back soon.". That couldn't be for us. Just then, a black SUV rolls up and the back window right by us rolls down. A happy voice yells out: "Hey, you guys heading to Casa De Luna? Well get in, get in!" Here we go!

When we pulled up to the house we were each adorned with an Hawaiian t- shirt, and shown where we could camp. Jake and I held tight I our belongings. Relax, everyone insisted. Take off your shoes. Not our shoes!

Eventually though, we did relax. How could you not? EVERYONE was wearing Hawaiian shirts, half of the hikers were sleeping, and the other were smiling with their drink of choice. There was even a table where people were painting rocks. Paint anything you want, they said. Oh yeah, I painted a giraffe.

Burgers, dogs and all the fixins. So good! We felt awkward eating and running, but we were worried that if we didn't run now, we might not get the chance to leave. Terri, the lady of the house, offered to take us back to the trail. "Uh oh," we thought as we put our packs in her trunk..."What if she locks it and tells us we're staying?!" But she didn't. She took us to the trail just the way we wanted and we got the chance to talk to her more candidly then before. She truly loves hikers, and she gives her trail angel job the highest priority. She told us to come back and run the house for a day or two, she could use a well-deserved break.

We hiked a for a few more miles beyond the road and made camp. The day was great. I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of people along the trail-- these aren't even hostels. They do it because they can. They do it for the love of hikers.

I love hiking.

Miss you Bacon,

Love, Dipper

P.S. A few days later, a hiker who was detained at Casa from a few missing belongings, was also hiker-napped by the Casa folks from Hikertown Hostel, over 50 miles farther North. So, it does happen! Good thing they didn't like us as much as they liked him! ;)

17 miles

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