Mile 480 - Water Tank at 502

Hey Jenny!

We hope you had a good Winter and that you're feeling ready for the RMYC season.

We're making great progress on the PCT and crossed the 500 mile marker today! Only 2000+ more miles to go. It feels like its going fast.

The trail life reminds us of RMYC all the time. We still talk about making bread pudding in the Dutchy, Parkview Mtn, and all of the mint chewy bars we ate. Speaking of which, we found a box when we were packing our resupply packages and stowed a couple away for this week. Mmm tastes like Steamboat.

Thanks again for sending Jake's shoes! Good luck with the Summer!

Happy trails,

Karrie & Jake

23 miles

#RMYC #MintChewyBars #PCT

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