Tahquitz Valley - Fuller Ridge

Dear Daniele and Ken,

Salut ma famille! How are you?

Today we finished our climb up the very large, San Jacinto. This was our THIRD day of climbing this mountain, but the views made it all worth it! We woke to a sea of down feather-like clouds covering the valley below. Lower mountains poked through like islands.

I-10 crosses just below in the valley, but right now you wouldn't know it to look. Our calm view is a secret from all the fast food and Californian drivers below.

On our descent, the first area we came to was the notorious Fuller Ridge--its a place hikers circle and star on their maps. The ridge is on San Jacinto's north side, and has a fair amount of unmelted snow, which can be a challenge to cross. It definitely slowed our pace significantly, but we found it easier than expected. In the afternoon sun, the snow became slushy. We slipped, and we post holed, but we had fun!

On the other side we cheered, victorious, and made a quick dinner. From there, it's still 19 miles down to I-10, so we made our way down the hillside to camp and knock off a few miles from the next day.

Bisous! Karrie & Jake

13 miles

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