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Hey Alissa!

How's Philly treating you? I hope you're still kicking butt at PennFuture, saving the planet one city at a time!

Today was a truly interesting day on the trail. It started off on a good note when I made us pancakes to celebrate passing mile 500 yesterday! Syrup tasted so good that when we ran out of pancakes I drank some straight! Haha It didn't taste bad, but I wouldn't recommend it.

After breakfast we began hiking through the desert. We have officially entered the Mojave... and it. is. rough. Some people hike through the night to avoid the heat, & I can see why. Karrie & I enjoy sleep too much to turn our hiking schedule upside-down, but we felt the consequences of our decision today. Fortunately for us there was a great place for us to stop mid-day; a hostel called "Hiker Town."

Hiker Town has to be one of the oddest stops on the PCT. It looks exactly like a town you'd see in an old western movie, & that's because the owner actually buys Hollywood movie sets & reconstructs them here! There's a Feed Store, School House, Doctor's Office, Post Office/Sheriff's Station, & a Hotel. Each one is full of props too! Hiker's can opt to stay in one of the buildings overnight if they make a donation.

As strange as this place was, it was a welcomed sight after our 15 mile day. We talked with our friend "Sunday" & found out that of a friendly local gives hikers rides to & from his store that is located about 9 miles up the road. When he pulled up 5 of us piled into his car (Me, Karrie, Forest, Cougar, & High Life.) The store was small, but the food was great!

Back at Hiker Town we took showers, washed clothes, & talked with fellow hikers about how to take on the next section of the Mojave. The next water is 20 trail miles from Hiker Town & there isn't really any shade in between. After much discussion Karrie & I decided to hike 5 more miles tonight at 7pm.

Shortly after leaving Hiker Town the trail meets up with the Los Angeles Aqueduct, which consists mostly of water from the Colorado River, & it looks just as powerful. Despite its obvious sustainability flaws, the water was beautiful to walk next to as the sun set over the desert. Eventually the open faced aqueduct turned into a giant steel pipe that we continued hiking over, & as night set in we found a dense area of Joshua Trees to camp in. Short night of sleep & in the morning we will be racing the sun to our next water source.

Karrie & I still talk a lot about moving to Pittsburgh once we finish the trail... Any chance you'll be coming back soon?

-Jake (& Karrie)

20 miles

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