Joshua Tree Forest N of Hikertown - Tyler Horse Canyon

Hi Vickie & Jeff!

How's your Arkansas Summer? Have you been traveling a lot? I've been thinking about you guys a lot lately, especially today.

Today, we crossed the Mojave Desert. Now, it's not as bad as it sounds!'s pretty bad. But we only crossed the very Western corner, so it could have been a lot worse. We found, that like the stereotypical desert, the Mojave is hot, and and dry. The flat terrain let us make great time, but as the day went on the heat made us heavy. The trail parallels the aqueduct that runs from the Colorado River to LA. We could hear the rushing water beneath our feet, but we couldn't access it. No trespassing! I kept thinking, "water, water everywhere, and not a drop I drink." What a cruel joke!

Early this morning, we crossed a road called "Gaskil Road" and I thought that was just too cool! Just a little taste of home out here. :) We got up early, but no matter how early, its hard to escape the heat for long. Everyday we'll wake an hour earlier than the day before, and still wish we had tried for at least two.

Shade is rare, and precious. Around 10AM, we made it to Cottonwood Creek Bridge. There we stayed until 6PM with over 20 other hikers. Some brave souls ventured in around 2 an 3PM--and had chosen to take on the desert at the hottest part of the day. For the rest of us, we held up and played cards, ate, slept and got to know each other--moving minimally, except to shift our sleeping pads to the shade as the sun moved the bridge shadows across our little ditch home.

That night we hiked into a highland desert and made it to Tyler Horse Canyon, where there was a good stream and plenty of camping for all of us. It felt powerful to be in a pack. We all cheered each other as one by one we made it into camp.

In a few years, the PCT will wrap around the ridge that frames the Mojave. But hey, we had a great day! This trail is going well, and we're anxious to see what's next.

Missing you guys. Coming out for a visit??

Love, Karrie & Jake

16 miles


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