Fuller Ridge - Interstate 10

Hi Mark!

I hope things are going well at the garage & that the paint in the office is continuing to provide a feminine touch, even in my absence. Today we woke up on the side of San Jacinto (10,804 feet tall). We had started our decent yesterday evening, but we still had 17 miles to go before we were off this mountain. Fueled by the idea of a massive buffet for lunch, we woke up early and began hiking down. It was sunny, hot, and very windy. As we made our way we could see the windmills & interstate 10 becoming larger. I definitely had food on my mind & I was missing our Wednesday breakfasts.

When we finally made it to the bottom we still had 3 flat miles across the desert before we would reach I-10. Then Jake received a phone call from a friend saying that if we hurried they would squeeze us into their pick-up & take us to the casino buffet! So we ran across the desert! Have you ever tried to run in sand with a 40 mph headwind? After about an hour of phone tag, dying batteries, beeping horns, shouting, & a few mistaken trucks we finally united on the railroad tracks. Pat, Shameless, Clutch, & "Tickle Me Pink" were all glad to see us & ready to eat!

At the casino we signed up for the rewards program and got our meals for FREE! Everyone ate multiple plates of delicious food. It was spectacular. Before leaving, Shameless & Clutch won over $100 each playing cards. We made our way back to Pat & his girlfriend Erin's house & spent the night reminiscing & having fun. It was day of amazing people & beautiful places. This is why I hike.

Missing you & the rest of the guys. Karrie

17 miles

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