Interstate 10 - Whitewater River Crossing

Dear Allison,

Thank you so much for driving us to the border! Our trip has been great so far & today was one of the best days yet! We woke up at our friend Pat's house to donuts & coffee. We had a bit of a late start on the trail, but soon crossed under I-10 where we found coolers full of iced beverages. There was also a note saying there was more trail magic to be had at 5pm near Whitewater so we set aim to make it there.

After a hot 3 miles in the middle of the day we were ready for shade. We sluggishly made our way to the windmill power station where there was rumored to be shade & water. It turned out to have both in abundance! The workers had constructed a cabana from wood & palm leaves for us to hide in; there was a case of water too! We stayed all afternoon hanging out with Pat & the "leisure crew." Once we could feel the heat backing off & finally saw a few windmills spinning we set out again.

The 6 of us arrived at the Whitewater reservation at 5:30 to find a huge meal of pasta, chicken, brownies, & more waiting for us! All homemade delicious food provided by the wonderful trail angels "Lake2Lake" & "WS Monty." (Clutch ate 3 full plates!) We hung around & socialized awhile, but we knew we weren't done hiking yet. Tonight was the SUPER MOON! The biggest full moon of the year! We figured, what better night than this to do our first night hike? No headlights, no sunburn, & much less heat! We hiked another 3 miles under the super moon before finally calling it a night. Such a great day!

We hope your travel plans are panning out well & you're enjoying your summer!

Love, Jake & Karrie

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