Mission Creek


How is beautiful North Carolina treating you? I had to send you today's postcard because we hiked through Mission Creek! Not only that, but we started & ended our day with Sterling too!

As usual, all of our work still looks amazing & I bragged about it throughout the day. I even went as far as stopping Karrie to tell her stories about the steps my dad & I worked on, our campsite, & of course the refrigerator rock we moved!

I hopped off the trail at our old camp to refill on water & was surprised to find that someone had constructed a swimming hole in the creek! Karrie & I couldn't pass that up in the middle of a hot day, so we went for a swim and lounged around until the heat of the day had passed.

I wish I could say the whole day was perfect, but once we left our old worksite the day got a little tougher. Not only did we start the climb up toward San Gorgonio, but we also had our first encounter with the notorious Poodle Dog Bush. This poorly named, evil plant, looks & smells like marijuana & is said to be 10x worse than poison ivy! It's oils will make you puff up like a balloon & last year it ruined a lot of people's hikes. Fortunately, this section was only 2 miles long & was fairly passable. It did slow us down significantly though. At the end of the day we caught Sterling & the rest of the "leisurely crew." So we set up camp & reminisced about everything from Mission Creek "earthquakes" to Ada bars.

Are you done with class for the summer? If so you should come hike with us sometime!

Missing you & the crew! Jake & Karrie

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