Mission Creek - Onyx Summit

What a great way to wake up: with a crew of nice, laid back people, a blazing fire, and knowing we only had a few miles to more friends, food, family and a flight home.

Since we had plenty of time to get to Onyx Summit, we hiked at a relaxed pace, and took a lot of breaks to eat a lot of food. We officially had the hiker hunger--that urge to eat everything edible and in mass quantities. Imagine never being full! Fortunately we still had a good amount of food left in our packs to enjoy throughout the day.

In the early afternoon, we caught the leisurely crew eating lunch. Our friend Clutch "joked" about there being a Grizzly Bear on the mountain. We found this funny, since Grizzly Bears haven't resided in California for over 40 years! But, less than a half mile down the trail we saw a giant grizzly, pacing! He and others were locked in small cages and the trail goes right by them. Apparently these bears are used in movies. Bummer.

When we arrived at Onyx Summit, we said our farewells to the leisurely crew and went down the road to meet our friend Alex or "Burger King". Burger King & I met while hiking the AT & he offered to help us out on our hike. In his amazing generosity he picked us up from the trail, fed us massive quantities of food, let us stay in his house, & give us a ride to & from LAX! He was unbelievably helpful. We had a great time meeting his housemates, scarfing food, & learning about the science camp where he worked.

12 miles

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