Tyler Horse Canyon - Willow Springs Rd


How are you dear? How's Boston? Oh my Love, I miss you!

Do you remember a jolly man with a white beard named Plugger? He's a friend of mine from the AT, and we hiked Rickett's Glen with him two Summers ago..? Well, he gave me a call when he heard Jake and I were coming out to hike the PCT and wanted to meet up with us. And today was the day.

This morning, Jake and I set our alarm for 4AM. It gets earlier everyday in the desert, and we were dreading it. Some choose to night-hike to escape the day's heat. So at 3AM, we woke to a slew of headlamped hikers tromping through our campsite, which was also one of the only water stops for 25 miles in each direction. They were pretty loud, and even though there were over twenty of us camped out, they didn't seem to notice. One guy even got lost on the top of the ridge and was yelling down into our ravine "HEY! HEY! AM I LOST?!" for over half an hour.

Okay, so we're up at 3AM and out before 5AM. Maybe it was for the best. Remind me to thank them...later. We hiked quickly, racing the sun to town. Luckily, most of our climbing was done on the western side of hills, and so we were able to hold onto the shade as long as we could.

We got to the road only 5 minutes before Plugger rolled up in his car. What great timing! It was great to see my old friend again, and this was the first time he met Jake.

He had driven over 4 hours to meet up with us and help us in town. He took us to the grocery, and out to BBQ--Red House BBQ is amazing, by the way, and if you ever find yourself in Tehachapi, CA, this needs to be one of your stops. For dessert, Jake whipped out a cake that he had stealthily bought at the grocery to celebrate my birthday early. It couldn't have been better. That night we all got a hotel room at the Ranch Motel and spent the evening catching up on stories and finally catching up on some well needed sleep.

I'm having such a great time out here, Love! I miss you and Mike. Hope I get to see you for the holidays when Jake and I come home!

Lots of love, Karrie (& Jake)

17 miles


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