Kennedy Meadows - KM Campground

Chris, Jill, Oliver and Mona!

Good morning! How is the farm? Are the chicken tractor and hoop house working out for ya? I heard your chickens are laying a lot of eggs!

Right now, Jake and I are at the Southern end of the Sierras Mountains. We're staying at Kennedy Meadows, a small town that shelters hikers before they take on those really big peaks. We're excited to see the Sierras, but we are also happy to have made it to this milestone.

There is a General Store that provides showers, laundry, hot meals and stocks hikers' other food fancies. And there are good people all around like Tom who runs an Internet Cafe, Hiker RV Rest, and Outdoor Movie Theater all by donation.

This morning Jake and I had a large pancake breakfast provided by the store. It was only a dollar more for eggs, but Jake and I were feeling thrifty (or perhaps stingy and silly) and opted to save our bucks, for now. Mmm. We had more M&M pancakes than a hiker can handle! Still, we put our heads together and decided for a little extra money, to buy a dozen eggs, and a stick of butter to fill out the missing part of the meal.

We planned to get back on the trail around noon, but after 6 eggs a piece (as omelets, one-eyed Egypitians, and over-easies) and a French-size helping of butter, we needn't hike to get our hearts racing. We both lethargically laid out our sleeping pads and passed out.

Team Eggs, as a few would begin calling us, luckily bounced back after only 5 hours. We sluggishly hiked out 2.5 miles to Kennedy Meadows Campground. I had the Cholesterol Sweats--a factious name, but a very real feeling.

Our saving grace was a bit of cardio and trail magic. At the campground we met up with our friends Wildflower, Nips, Histo, and Snausage. Wildflower's parents had made the trip out from Santa Cruz to meet up with their daughter and friends and offer assistance in many forms, including chicken faijas and GIANT smores. They were incredibly welcoming and generous to all hikers.

From the first chicken to the last, we're really well taken care of out here. I am consistently awed by the kind nature of the community that lines the trail and the beauty of our world.

Wishing you and all other yolks at home the best,

Karrie and Jake

2.5 miles

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