KM Campground - Campsite 728

Hi Aunt Pat and Uncle Bob!

How are you? Hope you're staying cool in PA. Sounds like its scorching hot everywhere right now and it might be a good idea to stay North, or head North.

Our trip is going well. Canada is still a long ways off, but we're chipping away at the miles steadily. Recently we've been battling bouts of homesickness and hunger. Home-cooked cravings work their way into our daily lives constantly--especially your sticky buns, Pat!

It'll be good to be home when we're done, but luckily, we have a few great people playing the part of caregiver out here while we're away. Today was one of those good days.

This morning, Jake and I woke to a view of wide open sage fields, a jagged mountain skyline, and in front of it all, a HEAPING helping of cinnamon French toast. HEAVEN!

The night before, we were invited by our trail friend Wildflower to join her, her family, her best friend Sammi, Nips, Histo and Snausage for some fireside feasting. Wildflower's fam drove out from Santa Cruz to treat their daughter to some homestyle livin' and set up camp just a few miles down the road from the Kennedy Meadows General Store.

For us, mere stray hiker trash, they became our borrowed family and it was hard to leave. And it's a good thing for us too because 8AM this morning was, no doubt, a good time to be lingering around. Delicious!

When we finally got going, we entered into the Southern Sierras. Now, after over a month in desert, we have lots of blue water, green meadows, and purple mountains to look forward to. Old sequoia trees, bigger than any trees we'd ever seen are all of a sudden commonplace. It feels like home! Not that the Sierras look like Pennsylvania, but there are mountains, trees and water and in abundance! Thank goodness!

I'll be missing you at the Kressler family reunion. I hope you all have fun and I send my love. Be sure to eat a little bit of everything and think of me!

Lots of love,

Karrie (& Jake)

24 miles

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