First Zero Day in Lone Pine

Hello Marsh Family!

Oh I miss you all so! I hope your Summer plans are in full swing and that you're enjoying some time off. Come to the Sierras for vacation!

This morning we woke up in Horseshoe Meadow Campground. Do you know it? It's in the Southern half of the Sierras, South of Mt. Whitney, and 24 miles West and 7000 ft up from Lone Pine.

Yesterday, we ventured off the PCT down the Mulkey Trail, near Cottonwood Pass, to see if we might catch a ride to Lone Pine. We were eager to resupply our bear bins and our stomachs.

Luckily, in the morning we caught a ride with a couple, Karen and Frank. They had just camped at Horseshoe for the night and were now off to being their ascent of Mt. Whitney. We chattered on for the whole ride, removed rocks from the road, and tried not to get dizzy as we descended. They drove us all the way into town, through the Alabama Hills--farther than they originally anticipated. The couple was already running late for Whitney, but figured, what's a few more miles in a car? We thanked them profusely.

Lone Pine is compact, hiker friendly, and attractive, with small, one-of-a-kind stores. The people are adventurous and quirky, and the landscape is a mix of extremes. I imagine some of you have been here before to access Whitney from the East side. What did you think of it?

Well, we loved it! Once in town we went nuts! We hit up the Post Office for packages, the Library for Internet, the Grocery (at least 5 times,) Alabama Hills Cafe, the Laundromat, and finally the Whitney Portal Hostel for some snooze. We made and ate guacamole, pizza, biscuits, and many other things we shouldn't have with our bargain goods from the grocer. And sleeping on our backs, since our stomachs were no longer an option, we called it an early night.

The Hostel is still at their preseason rate, so maybe we'll grab a room for an extra day tomorrow!

Dan, I heard you had plans to climb Whitney again soon? Is this true? We just entered the Sierras a few days ago, and I am truly grateful for every view and awed by the natural beauty. We are already making plans to hike the John Muir Trail too.

Keep on Keeping' On! Love, Karrie (& Jake)

(Zero Day)

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