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How are you brother?! What are you doing in Oregon? I still don't know the story behind your new job. I hope you're digging it though.

Karrie & I are slowly making it up the PCT toward Canada. Today started out a bit rough after our alarm didn't go off & we woke up with our tent coated with mosquitoes. We broke down camp in a furry killing handfuls of mosquitoes between each action.

Once we finally escaped & regained our bearings the day started looking up. Today we were tackling the highest point on the PCT, Forester Pass. It sits on the border of Sequoia National Park & Kings Canyon National Park at an elevation of 13,200ft. Having climbed Mt. Whitney yesterday I had expected the views to be realitively the same, but this climb blew my mind.

We spent most of the day above tree line with the trail criss-crossing crystal clear creeks & sky blue lakes. The landscape reminded me of Iceland, so I of course thought of you & started hearing Sigur Ros songs playing.

This pass is usually pretty tretcherous for thru-hikers because the steep cliffs are covered in snow & ice, but this year has been so dry that we didn't hike over any snow on the way up & only about 50 yards of the trail had snow on the way down. The incredible sights continued on into Kings Canyon with water running everywhere. I took a ton of photos today because every sight seemed to oust the previous one. After meeting up with some friends & eating dinner, we made it back down below tree line & camped next to a large clear river.

Today was my favorite day yet on trail. I can only hope the Sierras continue to be this epic. If you're going to be working anywhere near the PCT we should definitely meet up! Text me your schedule for the season if you get a chance. I miss you man!

Keep living the dream, Jake & Karrie

16 miles

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