Vidette Mdw Campsite - Mile 800

Alex and High Trails Crew!

THANK YOU THANK YOU!! We had a fantastic time with you and you spoiled us perfectly. Cozy house, scrumptious meals, and Planet Earth to the crunch of Rock Road was hiker heaven. You went well out of your way to help us and you knew exactly what we'd be craving.

We hope that all of your Summer plans after High Trails are awesome. That you may be employed when you want to be, and free and easy when you're not. Alex, you MUST hike the John Muir Trail. It's our favorite section of the PCT. We haven't seen water that blue, trees that big, or mountains so striking anywhere else. Go, my friend, just go!

Today, like any other day in this fabulous section, we began by hiking over a pass. Unlike the AT, the trail takes you up the mountainside more gradually, and only to the lowest high point called a "pass" to get you over one set of peaks and into another gorgeous valley. We summited Glenwood Pass today with our friend Histo, and then rushed down into the valley to jump into Rae Lakes. The water was freezing and refreshing. No regrets. Then, we built a sand castle on the lake's beach for the fun of it. This year the Sierra's lack of snow, requires less technical skill and lends more time for things like this. Class of 2012, we have it easy.

Our day ended at mile 800 and the largest suspension bridge on the trail. No unicorns, but if they exist they live in these here woods.

Alex, I'm really glad we got the chance to meet up again. I hope we get to you host YOU when we cross paths in the future. Sometimes it feels like a small world, with only a few people, and they're all good.

Thanks again and keep on keepin' on,

Karrie & Jake

14 miles

#KingsCanyonNationalPark #Thankyou

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