Willow Springs Rd - Juniper Tree Campsite

Hi Jerilyn and David!

How are you!? Thank you once again for hosting us on our way out here! We really appreciate everything you did and had a GREAT time. What a good way to start off this trip. And now we're flying!

This morning we woke up in Tehachapi, CA. My friend Plugger from the AT had met up with us the day before and we all decided to get a room for the night. We adored the shut-eye. The heat of the Mojave Desert has been so unforgiving and has thrown us off of our sleep schedules quite a bit.

By 7AM we were in full stride. Jake bought some breakfast sandwiches & Plugger & I had breakfast in bed. Ah, what a life!

We all got ready for the day and Jake and I were back on the trail by noon. Because Plugger had a car, we were able to hide some water at the next road 8 miles away, to lighten our load. We also resupplied the water caches that were already there. I can hardly wait until there is water everywhere on this trail!

We said our goodbyes and were ready to head for the shade of the nearest tree. But the weather was surprisingly cool. So, we started a unplanned leisurely hike across a windfarm.

At the road where we had hid our water cache, we met a man named Ray Peeler from Lancaster, CA. He told us he was on a tour of the world from Lancaster to Tehachapi. He gave us a lot of good life advice. He even offered us a soda. Cool, fun dude.

We hiked up the next hill where we had a great view of the full moon rising above the wind farm. It was still really windy, but we found a juniper bush to cowboy camped beneath. Maybe our friends coming out of town will catch us soon.

We hope your move goes well! And we hope you both enjoyed your 1 year anniversary. We were thinking about ya. :)

Lots of love, Karrie & Jake

P.S. Remember those cheeses and sausages we bought at World Market of all places? Well, they are the best we've had out here yet--better than stuff that's only a day old. Mmm. We have one left, and we near worship it!


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