Mile 800 - Mile 814


Hello trail friends! Did you two folks have a good time out West recently? I wish we could have run into you since we were so close--same country and everything! Luckily, and I'm sure you've heard by now, I ran into a good friend of yours instead: FLOYD! It was such an awesome and surprising encounter, and it made my day.

We met him just after Pinchot Pass. Jack-Y-Bean and I were a few miles down when we approached a band of hikers.

The guy at the end of the line instantly made us feel like celebrities. "Did you hike the AT?" " What year?" "What's your trail name..?" Floyd introduced himself with an explosion if energy and giddiness! He quickly mentioned your names and said that he had been hiking with the two of you when you came to California. He even had Thanksgiving with you after your hike on the AT. I remember reading the blog post!

He said he'd been watching out for me, and treated Jack-Y-Bean and I with fame. We snapped a snazzy picture, exchanged some digits, hugged like we hasn't seen each other in ages, and parted ways, still beaming.

Jake and I are both super psyched to be this far. This morning we crossed mile 800 and we're cruising right along. The Sierras have been an epic landscape to walk through, and I can't believe it's taken me this long to get out and really see California. Heck, you two got to it before me too!

I hope that I'll get to see you in person again someday soon. Jack-Y-Bean and I flirt with the idea of heading over seas on occasion and you are definitely on our list of landmarks.

Hugs and trail mix,

Little Dipper & Jack-Y-Bean

14 miles


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