Mile 814 - Big Pete's Meadow Campsite

Dear Katherine & Ryan,

Today was the Summer Solstice--the official first day of Summer, and the longest day of the year. So what is the most logical thing to do when you have maximum sun exposure? MAXIMUM SKIN EXPOSURE. Yes, today was "Hike Naked Day." The day to lather up on sunscreen and gold bond, and turn in your dirty hiker rags for the suit you were born in. Perfect activity for the fam. ;)

We didn't see anybody. What a disappointment. Although, we weren't contributing to the festivities of the day either...can you blame us? We're at high altitude, with zero clouds, and zillions of of mosquitoes. So, rather than promote a strong new generation of those blood suckers, Jake and I opted to keep our frocks on. Still, we kept a vigil eye out for those who may have chosen otherwise.

But today was exciting in another way. We got to meet a super hero and his sidekick. Clark Kent, is from Minnesota, go figure. We caught him and his buddy right after Mather pass. I'm not sure exactly why he was named as such, but I have my guesses which I'll tell you later.

We also met a trail crew building a ranger station that had been knocked down in last November's terrible wind storm. These days it seems like every tree that fell during that storm, fell across the trail, but that's probably just hiker paranoia.

Jake and I are loving the Sierras. I really hope that you both, and Dylan can come out and here sometime soon. How are you guys? Are you properly filling your Summer with festivals? Looks like Roller Derby is treating you as it should, Katherine--like a total badass. How are the wee ones, Dylan and Molly doing? Tell them we send our love.

Lots of love and missing of you, Karrie & Jake

18 miles

#KingsCanyonNationalPark #Solstice

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