Evolution Creek Campsite - Mile 862

Hey Ryan F!

How's life treating you? I heard you were up in San Francisco working with Apple; that sounds awesome! I hope you're enjoying it! I've been meeting a lot of people from the bay area recently on the PCT & they make it sound like the place to be.

Today Karrie & I woke up excited to get to the Muir Trail Ranch where we had a package of food waiting for us. Since our packs were light we were able to cruise 7 miles downhill to the spur trail in just 2 hours.

When we arrived at the ranch an employee quickly found our bucket for us. (The Ranch is so far backcountry that all packages must be sent in buckets because they are ferried across a lake & then carried in by pack animals.) Since we had packed our bucket 2 months ago, opening it now seemed like opening a time capsule. Even though we only needed a few days of food, we had loaded it to the brim! I was very happy with my past self!

We hung out at the Ranch for a bit, & while we waited for our cameras to charge we played with their dogs, checked out the hiker boxes, ate food, & talked with a friendly couple that was also rummaging through a bucket.

When we realized just how much we had packed, we decided we had enough food to hike out to some near by hot springs. It was a bit difficult to find but when we finally made it we were greeted by a really cool couple from San Fran named Nick & Lindsay. Nick designs & installs edible landscaping & Lindsay teaches environmental Ed. We all had a great conversation during our soak.

After a big lunch we were ready to hit the trail again. We took our time knowing that we had already accomplished our goals for today & eventually made it to camp another 4 miles up the trail. Another big meal & we called it a night. It feels so good to be full!

I know I probably won't get the chance to meet up with you on this pass through Nor Cal, but I'm planning to be out here again next summer for a wedding so maybe we can hang out then? Give me a life update sometime man, I miss you!

-Jake (& Karrie)

11 miles

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